Track Your Local Google Rankings With These 7 SEO Tools

Last updated Aug 28, 2019

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Local SEO tracking is a vital part of staying ahead of your competition.

Most traditional Google Ranking trackers and SEO tools don’t take into account your local ranking, and that’s why these tools below are so valuable to business owners and marketers.

These 7 SEO tools let you not only track your local Google ranking, but you can also monitor keywords and compare your progress to that of your competitors!

Pocket Insights

Ok so let us be upfront – This is a product we built so obviously we love what it does. Choose up to 10 keywords and Pocket Insights will report your local Google rankings on desktop and mobile on a weekly and monthly basis. It also reports search queries sourced from Google Search Console among other metrics.

Nightwatch Rank Tracker

The Nightwatch Rank Tracker is a comprehensive tool providing you with the ability to track your rankings in any location of your choice. This should not be understated, particularly when you consider the entry-level plan is just $19 per month. This is what I love about Nightwatch’s tracker, it offers enterprise-level features for even the smallest business or agency.

Rank Trackr

If you want to compare different regions in your local SEO search, you need Rank Trackr. Rank Trackr is an SEO tool that allows you to view custom reports by any geographic area you desire. It can be as specific as a zip code or as broad as a country. This lets you really pinpoint your traffic!


Like BrightLocal, UpCity comes with a variety of expected SEO tools like keyword rankings and competition citations. The bonus of UpCity is how it analyses your most competitive search terms. This is useful if you’re trying to build your page by page optimisation. Once you have on-page optimisation covered, you can use UpCity to check your return on your work.


If you want to see your SEO results in real-time, GeoRanker uses heat map technology to show how your results are changing each moment of the day. You can also create reports that show the evolution of your rankings locally over time, which can be useful for analysing client data if you manage multiple locations.


When it comes to customised SEO analysis, sometimes you need a service that automates your tracking. AuthorityLabs automates weekly, monthly, or yearly reports and you can customise the reports to include specific keywords, competition, or even keyword strength. AuthorityLabs lets you focus on other things while it delivers your analysis right to your inbox or the custom portal.


Finally, SerpSuite offers the best of everything. It’s a bit more pricey than the other services because it offers everything you need all in one place, but it can be a great way to streamline your SEO analysis and reports. It is capable of sending automated email reports as well as automatically applying your best keywords for local and global rankings. If you want a hands-off approach to SEO, SerpSuite is a great choice.

Boost your traffic with local SEO.

It’s important to focus a portion of your marketing strategy to developing your web SEO for your business. If you want your business to succeed locally, you need to have a way of making it visible to locals in your area. SEO can make or break a business, and these local SEO tools can provide valuable insight into the way your business appears to customers. Try different tools to determine the best SEO strategy for your business!

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Quentin Aisbett

Quentin Aisbett

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