YouTube Embed Code Generator

Embedding a YouTube video can significantly slow down the speed of your web page. We have a solution that reduces the extra requests to YouTube and makes your page download significantly faster.

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Got Questions?

How much faster will my page load?

Before you implement our solution, use a tool such as GTMetrix and test the speed of your web page, whilst the YouTube embed code is implemented. Then replace the YouTube embed code with our solution and then test it again. We know you’re going to see much faster results!

Why does the YouTube embed code slow my web page?

When you call upon your browser (Chrome, etc) to open a page it has to make a few calls to get each of the resources required to render the page. If you have embedded a YouTube video, then the browser must reach out to YouTube, traditionally four times (even more if the video has ads).

Will an embedded YouTube video actually hurt my Google rankings?

We can’t say for sure of course. But we know that page speed is a ranking factor and with the mobile-only indexing also being influenced by speed, it is a great idea to shave time off wherever possible. Even if it doesn’t directly impact rankings, the other important point is, if it slows down the page load, then it is going to hurt your user’s experience and we do know this will hurt your business. The important thing to do is test with the likes of GTMetrix, Webpagetest, etc.