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We started with just two. Both marketers, one with an insatiable appetite for technology and trends, the other for creativity and detail.

We weren’t interested in creating a typical digital marketing agency that’s only determined to build their number of clients.

We wanted more than that. We wanted to offer small business the same digital agency offering that’s generally only reserved for the big end of town.

After all, our experience with larger agencies is that they are slow, expensive, and their service is ordinary. So, we figured if we removed the fancy offices, the bloated processes and remained small, we could offer small businesses a premium digital marketing agency service at a price that would work.

And that’s what we’ve done. Remaining small has been incredibly rewarding for us for more reasons than we’d ever imagined.

It’s allowed us to develop closer relationships with our clients and a more intimate knowledge of their businesses.

But above all, remaining small gives us freedom. The freedom to move our service offering when developing trends and client objectives change. The freedom to get the work done without the bureaucracy. And the freedom to be completely transparent in the way we work with our clients.
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What We Believe In

Far from sounding like a corporate mission statement, there are a few simple values we hold near and dear to our hearts; values we believe in above all else.

1. Don’t just push leads through the door: Follow them, understand them, and learn from them.

2. Never choose the more expensive route when a more affordable option is available and provides the same results.

3. Reporting vanity metrics such as ‘likes’ or visits only tell a small part of the story. Dig deeper to uncover the real story and learn from it to make better business decisions.

4. Service should not be reserved for a B2C business. Outstanding service should be a benchmark. Fast answers and swift solutions.

5. If you’re interested to learn, we’re happy to teach.

6. You need to understand your audience before you can effectively market to them.

The Team

By committing to maintaining a small team, we must be vigilant with the people we hire and the role they can play. This is our team. Small in number but big on heart and ambition. Each plays an integral role in supporting our clients.

Quentin Aisbett

Digital Strategist

Jaclyn Amoroso

Digital & Content

Armin Methadzevic

Lead Web Developer

Alex Filipas

Graphic Designer

Natasa Mijuskovic

Admin & Marketing Assistant

John Coomer


How We Work

Want to work with us? Here’s what you can expect.

STEP ONE: Let’s Chat
Phone call or face-to-face meeting.
We want to gauge your key business objectives and understand your target audiences.

STEP TWO: We’ll Provide A Diagnostic Report
The report will highlight where we see your best opportunities to improve your online presence and achieve your objectives. It will also provide an indication of the monthly commitment and cost.

STEP THREE: Let’s Get Started
We’ll spend the first month doing the due diligence to better understand your business and completing your digital strategy. Executing the strategy begins month two.

STEP FOUR: Reporting
For retainer clients this will be at the end of each month.
Reports to ensure that your business objectives remain in sight (and that we’re doing our job).

The Fine Print

1. Our minimum level commitment is 10 hours per month. For ongoing clients, this attracts a $20-$40 per hour discount on our project work.

2. We don’t ask you to commit to long-term contracts.
Of course we’d like to ensure a minimum initial 3-month period allowing us time to demonstrate the results of our work. But how can we expect you to trust us if we don’t trust you?

“Our business has been fully supported by the ONQ team and guided through all opportunities available to maximise the exposure of our site including the goal of attracting more visitors and generating more leads and conversions. They are committed to delivering a superior service and exploring all marketing opportunities available. OnQ have a unique insight into the digital world and we could not be more happier with the outcomes delivered so far.”


“OnQ Marketing is my go-to source for all of my SEO, digital marketing and website needs. Since taking over our SEO, we have seen a steady increase in website traffic and keyword rankings. What I love most are OnQ’s detailed activity reports that breaks down our analytics in a refreshingly easy format from which I can make informed decisions. OnQ have delivered multiple responsive design websites in record time and are an absolute breeze to work with, nothing is ever impossible for them!”



What industries do you work with?

We work with a range of different businesses. We like it like that. We work with professional services, travel and tourism, eCommerce, health, retail and more.

What size businesses do you work with?

We work with small businesses, typically with 5 – 30 employees.

Do you work with international clients?

Yes, we do. We’ve worked with clients in Europe and the United States.

Would we be provided with any reporting?

Yes. We will provide a monthly analytics report tailored to your business and the objectives we’ve set.

What happens if we have more work for you (or less work for you) in any given month?

If you need more support than the pre-arranged monthly commitment, we will roll those extra hours over to the next month. If we exceed the time commitment for a second month in a row, we will charge for the extra time.
If we don’t spend the pre-arranged monthly hours, we will also roll those hours over to the next month.

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