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Last updated May 23, 2018

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In competitive fields like SEO and digital marketing, a strong traditionalist approach is not enough – companies need to stay up-to-date on industry trends so that they can provide fresh, creative approaches that captivate a dynamic and diverse audience.

Not only do we aim to provide SEO and online marketing support, but we also strive to inspire and educate our clients so that they can become experts themselves and decide what strategies and solutions work for them.

In a time where strong, trusting, and open customer relationships and a well-maintained online presence are essential to a company’s success, we’re proud to say our clients are happy!

Whilst based in Melbourne and Geelong, we work with clients around the world to help them realise wild success. Our expertise and renowned customer service have earned us a spot on Clutch.co, a ratings and reviews site in the U.S. that serves as a data-driven field guide in the B2B sector to facilitate productive partnerships between business partners. Their detailed profiles are reviews to help guide business buyers through their hiring and buying decisions by providing information on everything from a company’s costs and minimum project size to their project management style and tips on how to get the most of out their services.

Companies on Clutch are ranked according to their ability to deliver, their past and current clients, and the quality of their work as shown through case studies.

The OnQ Marketing is excited to be listed among other internet marketing companies on Clutch. A few of our wonderful clients have taken the time to speak with Clutch, which involves a brief 15-minute phone call which is transformed into an interview-style, unbiased, third-party review. Our clients have left helpful comments, discussing everything from our project management style and the strengths of our services to our costs and areas for improvement. Now that we have built up a strong profile, we are excited to share the results with everyone!

Kathryn Anderson, the owner of Viva Physiotherapy, discussed what sets our service apart: “The other companies I used were very much about tinkering a few keywords here and there or changing the text to just include the keywords in a very unnatural way. Quentin and Jaclyn were really good at saying that we need high-quality content. They advise us on what to do for our blog posts, and that kind of fits in with the people we want to engage. They’re really good at knowing and understanding our business as a whole and advising us of the best way that we can create our digital image based on that, rather than just looking at very specific components of getting hit or certain keywords.”

Penny Jamieson, the marketing manager for High Street Northcote, emphasised our high-quality customer service: “The whole process was seamless. They deliver and implement their work on time. Nothing is too difficult for them.”

We are excited to be featured on Clutch and we are optimistic about what our partnership will bring for the future!

Quentin Aisbett

Quentin Aisbett

Quentin Aisbett is the strategist at OnQ Marketing. He has a specific focus on local and mobile SEO, content strategy, and marketing automation. Blogging all the time, tweeting even more so. Pick his brain on Clarity.fm.