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Digital marketing strategy and support for travel agencies and tour companies.

If Google’s study into the ‘Travel Customer Journey’ uncovered anything, it was a need to understand the breadth of research (or digital touchpoints) being undertaken before the customer even considers looking at deals or agents.

It should also force any travel business to better understand their audience and the entire customer journey, identifying at each step how you can be present and valuable. How you can engage a customer from the earliest stages of their journey right through to the end.

We’re here to help you develop a strategy to engage, nurture and convert the travel customer in a way that will then turn that customer into an advocate for your business.

Content Marketing for Travel Brands

Digital Marketing for the Travel Industry

It takes a holistic approach to drive more visitors to your website and generate more bookings for your travel/tourism business. Here’s some of what we consider to be a priority.


Holiday-makers can spend months and have hundreds of digital touchpoints before booking. Many of these touchpoints will be via a search engine. Increase your visibility when they’re searching and make sure they contact you, not your competitors.

Online Advertising

If you’re wanting to advertise your latest deals or offers, then you have plenty of options. For example, you could advertise on intent (AdWords), target your audience with demographics (Facebook) or interests (publications), or look to retarget people who’ve already visited your site. All these strategies provide you with the opportunity to attribute your leads and record your ROI.

Content Marketing

The research process for holiday-makers begins with the ‘dreaming’ moments looking at destinations. This is a moment in their research where you can provide valuable content, build your email database and nurture them until they are ready to book (with you). Producing this content will also help your SEO and social media activity.

Online PR/ Reputation Management

One report cites that 81% of travellers find travel reviews important and 49% won’t book a property without reading reviews. So, we strongly recommend that travel companies implement a formal review process. Online PR is another great opportunity to drive publicity for your agency or tourism business.

How We Work

Far from sounding like a corporate mission statement, there are a few simple values we hold near and dear to our hearts; values we believe in above all else.

STEP ONE: Information Gathering
Phone call or face to face

STEP TWO: Understanding Target Audience & Identifying Opportunities
Who they are, where they spend time

STEP THREE: Developing Activity Plan/Proposal
Generally 3 months. No BS. Based on most efficient.

STEP FOUR: Start Work
Upon approval
Communication will be via email unless necessary to chat.
We’ll answer any communication within 24 hours.

The Fine Print

1. Our min level commitment is $1100+gst and this includes 10 hours per month. For ongoing clients this includes a $20-$40 per hour discount compared to our project work.

2. We don’t ask you to commit to long-term contracts.
We do however ask that you commit to a minimum 3 month period to allow us time to demonstrate the results of our work.

“I use OnQ for most of my marketing needs. As someone who has experience with SEO, SEM and digital marketing, this team of marketing professionals are definitely A+++. Each month they go above and beyond my expectations. They are not a typical or “cookie cutter” marketing agency, they are very hands-on with your ideas and help to mould your brand into something that actually sells. After about 3 months of SEO efforts, I am now receiving 1-2 high priced bookings per month. (previously 0, as my company is only about 8 months old) These bookings are from organic traffic to our website and a direct result of OnQ’s marketing efforts. So, I owe OnQ a big THANK YOU and I look forward to our continued teamwork!”



Would you be working with my competitors?

No. Whilst we love working with travel agents and tourism businesses, we don’t enter into a partnership where our clients are in direct competition.

How much does a new website cost?

Our websites start at $4,500+gst. For agency websites, the cost will depend on whether you need a search functionality and need to work with APIs. Typically a tourism business website will come in at our entry-level cost.

How soon can we expect to see more leads being generated online?

This is not an easy answer unfortunately. It will depend on the state of your online presence before we begin, the level of commitment, and of course your competitive landscape.

Will you help us with mobile marketing?

We know that the travel industry is one influenced very heavily by the role of the smartphone, so yes we will absolutely help you to engage your audience no matter which device they are using.

Can you help us with reporting?

Yes. We will provide a monthly analytics report tailored to your business and the objectives we’ve set.

Do we only have access to the services listed above?

No, you have access to each service we provide. We can also help you with website management, email newsletters, marketing automation, and even any graphic design requirements you may have.

Do you work with agents and operators internationally?

Yes we do. We’ve worked with tourism businesses in North America and Europe.

What digital marketing trends should I be aware of?

We must always keep the trends in perspective as the travel industry is huge and digital competency is varied. But right now there’s going to be plenty of people looking at (in no particular order) – Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google Actions and Alexa Skills, the huge potential for Virtual and Augmented Reality, the role that Artificial Intelligence can play as well as how the industry will adopt blockchain technology.

Whilst you may not be looking to implement too many of those in the coming twelve months, if you at least start to understand how they work and how they might influence how you operate and market, then you will at least be prepared.

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