Terms & Conditions


The following outlines the standard terms of engagement of OnQ Marketing Services. These terms shall apply to all agreements concluded between OnQ Marketing and you as the client. These terms may only be varied by express written agreement between OnQ Marketing and you as the client.

Payment Terms
An invoice for services will be sent when works are complete and approved. Full payment is due 7 days from the date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In the case of web design services, a 50% deposit is to be paid prior to the commencement of service, and the balance payment due 7 days from site launch. Any advertising budget is to be pre-paid in advance of service commencement.

We reserve the right to refer overdue accounts to our debt recovery company. In the case of the account being referred to our debt collection company, all legal and recovery cost will be payable by you, the client.

Quotations and marketing proposal estimates are valid for 7 days from date of issue.

Monthly Retainer Agreement
As the client you are not required to sign a contract to enter into a monthly retainer agreement with OnQ Marketing. We do however require that cancellation of any such agreement be requested in writing to your allocated Account Manager, at least 14 days prior to termination. We reserve the right to recover any damage, loss or expense incurred prior to retainer cancellation, or as a result of such a termination.

Additional work
If we are required to provide services in addition to the agreed scope, we reserve the right to charge additional fees at an hourly rate. Any such fee will be approved in writing with you prior to the commencement of additional work. We reserve the right to deny any additional work.

Client Responsibility
Is is the sole responsibility of you as the client to provide assistance and requested information to OnQ Marketing, in sufficient time for us to facilitate the execution of services in accordance with estimated delivery dates or milestones. It is the sole responsibility of you as the client to ensure the accuracy of all information provided to us.

You agree that you are solely responsible for the copyright compliance of all materials that you provide to us to execute agreed services, and also for all materials that you load into your site or relevant digital platforms. If OnQ Marketing sources images, videos or other material to use for services, we will seek a relevant license on your behalf.

OnQ Marketing does not accept any liability in connection with information provided by you or any agent acting on your behalf. Such information is considered by us to be accurate, correct and true.

Intellectual Property
The client agrees, unless expressly stated otherwise in writing, that OnQ Marketing owns all title, ownership, moral and proprietary and intellectual property rights (including copyright), registrable or not, in and to all deliverables, materials, documents, presentations, reports, software, API, plugin, data and analysis prepared or provided by OnQ Marketing in connection with providing the Services.

Professional Indemnity & Liability
OnQ Marketing is covered by professional indemnity insurance and can provide certificate of currency upon request. OnQ Marketing is indemnified against any claim by, or liability to, a third party arising from, or in connection with the Service.

Publication and Promotion
We reserve the right to publish client stories, articles, photographs and other illustration relating to the Service provided to you, as the client. If you wish to discuss this further please contact us.

Website Terms and Privacy Policy
View our website terms of use or privacy policy.


Agreement: the agreement executed by OnQ Marketing and the client, in connection with the Service and marketing proposal.

Client: the person or entity who has engaged the Service of OnQ Marketing.

Documentation: written or electronic information pertaining to the Service

Liability: means liability for loss or damage, whether arising under, in connection with or for the breach of the agreement, or in connection with the performance or non-performance of the Service and any additional Service, whether such liability arises in contract, in tort including negligence, under statute or otherwise, and whether arising in connection with one or more events

OnQ Marketing: means OnQ Marketing Services Pty Ltd – ABN24 662 215 994

Service: the provision of marketing management consultancy pertaining to the Marketing Proposal.