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With its ever-changing landscape, Search Engine Optimisation is arguably the most confusing process in all of online marketing. What’s worse, it’s absolutely vital for any business looking to increase its traffic and sales potential.

SEO is perhaps the most effective strategy for driving visitors to your site.

In fact, research has shown that more than half of all website traffic originates from a search engine. And, although previous reports have indicated that 66% of internet users search with Google, new data has shown that number could be as high as 80%.The importance of SEO is further highlighted when you consider that the Top 3 results in Google generate 61.5% of the traffic coming from Google.

Unfortunately, Google is also the hardest search engine to rank in if you’re unaware of current best-practices and algorithm changes – and it’s constantly changing its algorithms and the criteria it deems important for how websites are ranked in search.

At OnQ, we’ve taken the headache out of SEO, altogether. Because as an SEO agency, our team is always up-to-date on current algorithm changes, so you’ll never have to worry about keeping abreast of all of the updates.

This means if you’ve tried to optimise your own website and aren’t up-to-date on all these changes, you could be doing more harm than good.

Still, struggling to drive more traffic from Google and improving the quality of existing traffic are the two biggest challenges businesses face online, today.

Stop banging your head against the wall trying to figure out SEO and let us help.

SEO on-page

SEO Starter Package

Our SEO Starter Package will zero in on your website’s on-page optimisation and include:

  • Keyword research to identify relevant keywords that will bring you the most traffic.
  • Restructuring your page content and meta data to better target these keywords.
  • Creation of an XML Sitemap and submission to all major search engines.
  • Optimising your site’s images to increase page speed and utilising keywords associated with images to improve page rank.
  • Improving internal linking structure.
  • A detailed plan outlining next steps.

Ongoing SEO Management

If your website is already optimised but you need ongoing SEO services, our a monthly retainer package is the best way to take your ranking efforts to the next level.

Our ongoing SEO management services include a host of activity to improve your off-page optimisation and ongoing on-site health, including:

  • Quality link building and link clean-up.
  • Monitoring and resolving any Google penalties that arise.
  • Identifying opportunities to improve user experience indicators.
  • Monitoring analytics to evaluate search efforts and identify new opportunities.
  • Reacting to changes in industry best practices.
SEO Reporting

How We Do SEO

Above all else, we practice what’s referred to as “White Hat SEO.” It’s a commitment to performing legitimate SEO practices to ensure we never put your website in risk of violating Google’s guidelines.

More specifically, we work with our clients in two distinct phases:

1. Analysis and Foundation Setting
We perform an analysis of your website, highlighting any immediate SEO issues and correcting them to ensure your site is being crawled effectively by search engines. We then conduct keyword research and ensure your website is optimized, including your URL structure, title tags, heading tags, metadata, Schema markup, internal linking, and more.
* See our SEO Starter Package, above.

2. Ongoing Management
An optimal search campaign will take a minimum of three months. To kick it off, we’ll use your analytics software and our SEO software to identify opportunities that improve your exposure in search and drive more traffic. We’ll also talk to you about your content and social media strategy.

We care about your long-term search engine performance, so we’ll never perform any dodgy SEO tricks or make promises we can’t keep.

We’re also firm believers in being as transparent as possible. As a new client, you’ll receive a 3-month plan that explicitly details our SEO strategy for your business, because we want you to understand exactly what we’re doing to improve your search performance.

Accelerate Your Sales with a Mixed Marketing Retainer

If you’re really after more leads (and who isn’t?!), we suggest complementing our SEO services with online advertising and forming a digital marketing retainer. With the power of SEO and advertising together, we’ll devise one potent marketing strategy.

If you’re an ecommerce store and customers are searching for your products in Google, our SEO & Google Adwords retainer is the perfect way to reach a broader audience.

Ready to grow your traffic and conquer online marketing, together? Let’s do this!

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