SEO for WordPress : My 6 Favourite Plugins

Whether you’re a business or a blogger you must have some interest in SEO or at least interest in expanding your reach.

Well for 1 in 4 sites who are on WordPress, there’s great news. There’s an array of plugins to help you with SEO. I don’t want to make it sound a simple task because it clearly is not. But there’s some terrific plugins to make life easier.

Here’s my favourite SEO plugins for WordPress. I have come to these conclusions not from hundreds of hours of analysis and trialling hundreds of various plugins but pure results from the plugins I have tested.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Not that these plugins are in order but this plugin from Yoast (Joost de Valk) is definitely the first one I install on a clients site every time. It gives you the power to do a number of really important things to optimise your on-page components including:

– Tailoring Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords for each and every page and post on your site.

– It allows you to No Index and/or No Follow any individual page or post if you like.

– It will generate Sitemaps

– It allows you to easily verify your site with Google, Yahoo and Bing

– It makes Schema markup implementation easier than ever

It does so much more than the points I have highlighted but if I haven’t convinced you already then I probably don’t need to go any further.


When it comes to a website’s speed, images and the size of images have a huge bearing on speed. This was previously a free plugin managed by Yahoo who have since dropped the tool. Thankfully WPMU Dev have picked it up and made some improvements. The PRO version with WPMU Dev is terrific and is worth the investment.


I came across Autoptimize because a number of the go-to performance plugins are disallowed with WP Engine. But it’s been a treasured find. This plugin does just about everything. It minifies and compresses your scripts and styles, adds expires headers, caches them, and moves styles to the page head, and scripts to the footer. It also minifies the HTML code itself, making your page really lightweight.


We all know that broken links cost us. I have not come across an easier way of dealing with broken links than Redirection. Simply identify the broken links and tell the plugin to send visitors to a relevant and correct link.

MicroKid’s Related Posts

One of our key SEO priorities is to reduce bounce rates. By installing a related posts plugin we help guide users to click further. But the big problem with such plugins is that they can be heavy and slow your site down. This plugin is light and will not slow your site down. But be warned the plugin hasn’t been touched for 3 years.

SEO Friendly Images

Search engines need our help to understand what an image is displaying. So we optimise them. Ideally we optimise the file name before uploading and add the title and image tags wen inserting into your pages. But if you need to update image and alt tags in bulk then you won’t find an easier solution than this plugin.


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SEO for WordPress : My 6 Favourite Plugins

by Quentin Aisbett time to read: 2 min