Private School Marketing

Digital marketing strategies to help schools attract students.

Choosing which school to send their children to is a unique investment for parents. Research identifies a range of factors influencing that choice with the location being a significant influence as you would expect.

But depending on the personal situations, the complimenting factors influencing the decision can be varied. Religious affiliation, extra-curricular activities, exam results, well-qualified teachers, the senior leadership team, facilities, and the content of the curriculum are all factors that might contribute to your school’s enrollment numbers.

So it’s going to help to better understand your existing and future audience to ensure your online marketing and communication is engaging and converting.

Our role is to support you in increasing your online visibility in local searches and ensuring that your school becomes a ‘school of choice’ by communicating your core values and building the online reputation that is consistent with your long-term objectives.

Private School Marketing Services

It takes an holistic approach to engage parents online and encourage them that your school is the best educational option for their child. Here’s some of what we consider to be a education marketing priority.


A good SEO strategy will increase your visibility in search engines to ensure your school is found by prospective parents. A great SEO strategy will help you to reaffirm the standing of your school when parents search for ‘best schools in the local area’.

Online Advertising

There are numerous advertising platforms and products available. Each providing the ability to accurately attribute your advertising spend to enrollments, therefore allowing you to optimise your advertising budgets moving forward.

Content Marketing

Parents are searching for the information that will set schools apart, much of this can’t be found in traditional web pages. So there is a terrific opportunity should you opt to develop a content strategy.

Online PR/Reputation Management

When researching for the right school for their children, parents will be influenced by peer reviews and other online publishers. That’s why it’s paramount to ensure you are proactively managing your online reputation as well as seeking extra online publicity.

How We Work

Far from sounding like a corporate mission statement, there are a few simple values we hold near and dear to our hearts; values we believe in above all else.

STEP ONE: Information Gathering
Phone call or face to face

STEP TWO: Understanding Target Audience & Identifying Opportunities
Who they are, where they spend time

STEP THREE: Developing Activity Plan/Proposal
Generally 3 months. No BS. Based on most efficient.

STEP FOUR: Start Work
Upon approval
Communication will be via email unless necessary to chat.
We’ll answer any communication within 24 hours.

The Fine Print

1. Our minimum monthly commitment is $1100+gst and this includes 10 hours per month. For ongoing clients this includes a $20-$40 per hour discount on our project work.

2. We don’t ask you to commit to long-term contracts.
We do however ask that you commit to a minimum 3 month period to allow us time to demonstrate the results of our work.


Would you be working with my competitors?

No. We don’t enter into a partnership where our clients are in direct competition.

How much does a new website cost?

Our websites start at $4,500+gst and typically a private school website will be at this entry-level cost.

How soon can we expect to see more enrollments being generated online?

This is not an easy answer unfortunately. It will depend on the state of your online presence before we begin, the level of commitment, your competitive landscape,and of course the time of the year.

Would we be provided with any reporting?

Yes. We will provide a monthly analytics report tailored to your business and the objectives we’ve set. Giving you the information to measure your results in a way otherwise impossible with traditional marketing.

Do we only have access to the services listed above?

No, you have access to each service we provide. We can also help you with website management, email newsletters, marketing automation, social media, and even any graphic design requirements you may have.

What happens if we have more work for you (or less work for you) in any given month?

If you need more support than the pre-arranged monthly commitment, then we will roll these extra hours over to the next month. Should we surpass the time commitment for a second month in a row, then we will charge for the extra time. If we don’t spend the pre-arranged monthly hours, then we too will roll these hours over to the next month.

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