Online Advertising

ROI-driven PPC campaign management by an official Google Partner.

We get it. Online advertising can be tough if you’re unfamiliar with its caveats and how to use them to your advantage. In fact, recent studies have shown that the average SME wastes up to 25% of their PPC spend through simple managerial and strategic errors.

If you’re not a PPC expert, having your online advertising budget managed is a great way to ensure you’re getting a return on investment that warrants the money spent.

When you hire us, rest easy knowing we’re an official Google Partner. We’ll manage the entire process including strategy, media planning, design, A/B testing, bid management and reporting for your next Adwords, Facebook or Bing campaign.

Ready to lower your average cost per click and optimise your PPC ads?

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PPC Management

Google Adwords Campaigns That Perform

Getting set up with Google Adwords is easy. It’s even easier to keep tipping money into campaigns that aren’t driving results.

This can be due to a variety of factors, but your Quality Score – the algorithm Adwords uses to determine how relevant your ads are to your audience – can largely impact your Cost Per Click.

With our help, we’ll set up your campaign, manage it on an ongoing basis, and use our years of experience to improve your Quality Score so you achieve a healthy ROI.

What you can expect from us:

  1. Regular campaign monitoring.
  2. Monthly reporting featuring real business objectives.
  3. A live online dashboard with real-time access to key metrics.

Ultra-Targeted Facebook Advertising

Running Facebook campaigns are also a great way to market to your audience. But if you want to get the best returns from your advertising, you’ll need to split-test.

Depending on your objectives, we’ll create multiple versions of your ads including alternate images, headlines and body copy to identify which performs the best. We’ll then split-test these ads to different locations, audience interests and gender (if appropriate) to maximise each ad’s efficiency.

Throwing an ad together and hoping it performs well is a recipe for disaster. Create and manage your campaign with the intention of maximising your returns.

Split testing Facebook ads

Did you know? Facebook’s Custom Audiences tool allows you to advertise to your email database, audience lookalikes, and visitors of your website!

We’ve Got More Advertising Opportunities Up Our Sleeves

Display Advertising Including Retargeting/Remarketing

Often referred to as banner ads, display advertising helps give your business broad exposure while also narrowing your targeting to topics, demographics and keywords.

We can also use your banner ads to target remarketing lists, which are made up of people who have recently visited your website.

Retargeting can be used on a variety of networks outside of Google. In a nutshell, retargeting gives you the opportunity to re-capture a lost lead. It allows you to create your audience depending on their browsing behaviour on your website, and then retarget them for up to 90 days with your banner advertisements. You can even advertise to this audience when they’re browsing Facebook.

If you’ve ever browsed a product on a site like Amazon and then clicked over to Facebook and seen the same product in an ad, you know what a retargeting ad looks like.

Twitter, Anyone?

Social media advertising is booming and while Facebook is the kingpin of social ads, Twitter is another great option.

With an active monthly user base of over 400 million people, Twitter presents the perfect opportunity for businesses to target hashtags, bio keywords and more.