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Ongoing marketing support for small to mid-size law firms.

Research conducted by the ALPMA identified that Australian law firms believed ‘Referral Relationships/Networks’ to be the number one source of new business and 70% of those surveyed identified it as ‘Highly Effective’.

But how long can you survive relying on referrals alone?

The same report by the ALPMA noted that ‘Generating new business enquiries is not in the top three goals and objectives for law firm websites, blogs, and social media accounts.’

If your online presence is nothing more than a brochure, then there is a huge opportunity to shift how you approach business development.

We are here to guide you through this process.

Digital marketing for the legal industry

Law Firm Marketing Services

It takes a holistic approach to improve your online visibility, authority and start attracting prospective clients. Here’s some tactics that we consider to be a priority.

Search Engine Optimisation

Potential clients are turning to their mobile device and search to find a law firm. Whether their research is for the most reputable, most appropriate, or closest firm to them, your visibility in Google’s search results will play an influential role in determining whether they find you or not.

Online Advertising

Whether you’re looking to attract clients based on their search intent (AdWords) or you want to target them on social media, publisher sites or even retarget them – there are always options. The true advantage is being able to accurately attribute and calculate your ROI.

Content Marketing

This is an underutilised tactic for law firms but one where plenty of opportunity lies. As part of their early research, potential clients are looking to understand their rights and whether they need to seek legal representation. If you can be the firm that provides this valuable information, you will establish goodwill and trust.

Online PR/ Reputation Management

Legal affairs are emotionally and financially significant in a person’s life. That’s why they will spend more time identifying a trusted and reputable law firm. So, it makes sense to implement a strategy and a process to proactively manage your online reputation.

How We Work

Far from sounding like a corporate mission statement, there are a few simple values we hold near and dear to our hearts; values we believe in above all else.

STEP ONE: Information Gathering
Phone call or face to face

STEP TWO: Understanding Target Audience & Identifying Opportunities
Who they are, where they spend time

STEP THREE: Developing Activity Plan/Proposal
Generally 3 months. No BS. Based on most efficient.

STEP FOUR: Start Work
Upon approval
Communication will be via email unless necessary to chat.
We’ll answer any communication within 24 hours.

The Fine Print

1. Our minimum monthly commitment is $1300+gst and this includes 10 hours per month. For ongoing clients this includes a $20-$40 per hour discount on our project work.

2. We don’t ask you to commit to long-term contracts.
We do however ask that you commit to a minimum 3 month period to allow us time to demonstrate the results of our work.

“My experience with Quentin, has been Rolls-Royce, he explains everything, does what he says he will do in a timely manner, and I cannot fault his service in any way. In terms of return on investment, I am the busiest I have ever been.”



Would you be working with my competitors?

No. Whilst we love working with law firms, we don’t enter into a partnership where our clients are in direct competition.

How much does a new website cost?

Our website design projects start at $4,500+gst and typically a small law firm website will be at this entry-level cost.

How soon can we expect to see more leads being generated online?

This is not an easy answer. It will depend on the strength of your firm’s brand, the state of your online presence before we begin, the level of commitment, and of course your competitive landscape.

Would we be provided with any reporting?

Yes. We will provide a monthly analytics report tailored to your business and the objectives we’ve set.

Do we only have access to the services listed above?

No, you have access to each online marketing service we provide. We can also help you with website management, email newsletters, marketing automation, and even any graphic design requirements you may have.

What happens if we have more work for you (or less work for you) in any given month?

If you need more support than the pre-arranged monthly commitment, then we will roll these extra hours over to the next month. Should we surpass the time commitment for a second month in a row, then we will charge for the extra time. If we don’t spend the pre-arranged monthly hours, then we too will roll these hours over to the next month.

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