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Schema (structured data markup) is a way to make it easier for search engines to better understand your page’s relevance to a search query. The tangible benefit of implementing Schema is increased visibility in SERPs.

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Got Questions?

Is Schema markup just for Google?

No. All major search engines agreed to adopt the markup, so your Schema will have benefits across them all.

Is JSON-LD really the best way to implement Schema?

Yes, we believe it is. It means that your markup can be separated from your on-page content. For instance, your markup won’t be visible on-page. Even more reason to use JSON-LD, Bing confirmed support for it in early 2018.

How do you recommend implementing the JSON-LD markup?

If you don’t use Google Tag Manager then you should get started. Implementing the JSON-LD markup will be as simple as creating a new tag with a Custom HTML type for your markup and then creating a page trigger. For more info check out Yoast’s guide.

Is it important to complete all fields for the markup?

They’re all not necessary. But there are some critical items that are considered ‘required’ whilst others are ‘recommended’. Once you have generated your markup, validate it with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and it will tell you if you’re missing vital fields.

What are some of the improved opportunities within Google's SERPs?

Recipes are one of the more common Schema opportunities but you’re likely not publishing recipes. If you’re a business then you can markup your reviews so either the rating or an individual review can be displayed in the search results. If you markup your products then their price and customer rating can be shown in the search results. Want to promote events? They can be added too.

Do the rich snippets actually drive more clicks?

Research suggests that a number 2 ranked result with the review markup will receive more clicks than the number 1 ranked result without it. So yes.