Google Review Link Generator

Generate a direct link to make it easier for your customers to leave you a review on Google.

Getting Google Reviews

Have you tried asking your customers or clients for a review on Google?
It can be a frustrating exercise (for you or them). It generally looks something like this:

1. Ask them to search for your business name and then click ‘Write A Review’. That’s far too many steps for them and you won’t get the reviews.

2. Or you can do the heavy-lifting and work on the special formula of copying this URL, pasting this URL, taking your Place ID and magic you have it!


We’ve Made The Process Faster

Start by typing your business name and select it from the list that appears.
Copy your unique link below the map and share it with your customers. That’s it – It’s that simple!


Google Review Link:

Review Link Analytics:


BONUS: Copy and save your Analytics Link and you will have access to a range of data including how many clicks you’ve received, where the clicks have come from (referring website and location), what browser and what platform.