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We get it. Online advertising can be tough if you’re unfamiliar with its caveats and how to use them to your advantage.
In fact, recent studies have shown that the average SME wastes up to 25% of their PPC spend through simple managerial and strategic errors.


of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online. (Ref)


If your Adwords campaign has a Quality Score of 7+ you can expect to save at least 28.6% on your Cost Per Click. (Ref)


Small Businesses Waste 25% of Pay-Per-Click Budget(Ref)

Stop Leaving Money On The Table

Don’t Waste Your Advertising Budget

Choosing the right platform and then executing the right strategy will improve your ROI.

Stage 1. We’ll start by identifying your objectives

We need to understand your business objectives and tie them to your advertising budget. Then we’ll identify how to measure your ROI.

Stage 2. We’ll work with you to understand your audience and your preferred messages

Together, we’ll refine your audience and identify the best way to engage with them to ultimately inspire action.

Stage 3. We’ll identify your best platform

We’ll recommend your best platform and advertising product based on our understanding of your objectives and target audience. For example, AdWords or Facebook, traditional display, retargeting or search.

Stage 4. We’ll create your campaign

Depending on which advertising product is best for you, we’ll need to craft your banner design or search ads. This may involve creating or optimising your landing page to improve your ROI on your campaign.

Stage 5. We’ll actively manage your campaign

Online advertising is far from a set-and-forget activity. We’ll manage your budgets to re-align your spend to produce lower ‘cost per acquisition’ (CPA) costs. Other management tasks will include testing variances of your audience, and if we’re using AdWords, we’ll manage your keywords (including negatives), your device targeting, your delivery schedule and more.


Depending on the length of your campaign, we’ll provide you with monthly reporting or at the end of the project. The report will highlight several key ROI metrics, including your all-important cost per acquisition.


Which is more effective Facebook ads or Google Adwords?

It’s a more difficult question than that. This is why our discovery process with our new clients is so important. We need to work with you to identify who you’re aiming to reach, the right platform for your message, and among other things, your maximum cost per acquisition.

What is a quality score in AdWords?

Google AdWords is unique compared to traditional advertising. It is a bidding system and one where you will pay less if you can produce a better experience (known as a Quality Score). Google doesn’t want to deliver ads that have people abandoning them. So, among other things, they judge you on your ad structure, copy and landing page. But essentially it is a score based on experience. The higher your Quality Score, the better you will be positioned.

What is average CTR in Google AdWords?

WordStream identified an average click-through rate (CTR) of 1.91% for AdWords search and just 0.35% for display.

What is remarketing and retargeting?

Retargeting and remarketing is the same thing. The latter is what Google calls it. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve been retargeted many times already as a consumer. As an advertiser, retargeting means you can continue to deliver display ads to someone whom has already visited your website.

How do businesses connect online ads with offline sales?

Accurately attributing online triggers with offline transactions is one of our biggest obstacles as marketers. It can be done but there’s almost always challenges and ambiguity. Google AdWords has introduced ‘Store Visit Conversions’ where you can identify if someone who has clicked on your ad has visited your store. But it’s not available to everyone.

“We are very happy with the services provided by OnQ Marketing. The number of customer calls increased significantly since we had them manage our Google Adwords. We also appreciate the full ongoing support and prompt technical advice!”


Don’t Waste Your Advertising Budget

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