Digital Marketing Resources

As a digital agency we use a suite of tools and software to audit, review, manage and track projects and tasks. Over time we have also developed some of our own tools that will help you to gain a better understanding of where you business is at, and where you can improve. Take a look at this list and we’re sure you will find something useful to your and your business.

Website Audit Tool

Website SEO Audit

Want to find opportunities to improve your website and perform better in search engines? This audit tool will give you a terrific snapshot of how optimised your site is (or isn’t) and outline the areas where you need to improve. Simply enter a few details and you will have a report back in just minutes.

Get Your Audit

Website Speed Test

There’s no future for slow websites. Google will penalise you and users will abandon your site and likely your business. So get an idea of how fast your site is and where improvements can be made.

Test Your Site
Website Speed Test

Our Favourite Software/Tools

There is quite a few tools and software that we love and use often, but this is the top three that we simply can’t live without. Take the list with you by downloading our free PDF 15 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools.

WP Engine

WP Engine

Hands down the best WordPress hosting we’ve dealt with in the last 7+ years. Daily backups that we revert back to in a couple of clicks. Security monitoring. Managed WordPress upgrades. Staging environment. Oh and super-fast. Seriously, your hosting is not where you can afford to forgo performance to save a dollar. Check out WP Engine.


We started with a subscription to CrazyEgg to monitor user behaviour, WebEngage to get user feedback, and Inspectlet to record visitor sessions. Then HotJar came out and did it all. If you want to better understand how visitors behave on your site to look for improvements then HotJar is where you want to start. Click here.


Want to grow your email list? Allow your visitors to chat with you? Do you want to alert them to your promotion? All this is super-simple with GetSiteControl. Setup in just minutes. A variety of widget options including how they look, how they behave and how you target your audience. Check out the free plan.

Other Recommendations


Project Management

If you’re looking for a project/task management software then Asana is a great start. It offers free plans for basic requirements.


Time Management

We’ve tried alternatives and there’s some great options out there but Toggle is great value and gets out tick.


Social Media Management

If you want to schedule your social media posts then Buffer is awesome. There is some great alternatives but this is our fave.


Facebook Advertising

Don’t just add your budget and sit back waiting for results. AdEspresso will supercharge your advertising to maximise results.


Adwords Management

Don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of Adwords or the time to manage your campaigns? Wordstream can help.

Google Apps for Work

Email/Calendar/Cloud Storage

Avoid email hosting issues and use Google. With each plan you also receive a cloud-based calendar and storage with Google Drive.

Canva for Work

Graphic Design

Not a designer? Canva is user friendly alternative to learning Photoshop. Impress your colleagues with your design skills and save time and money.

Long Tail Pro


You know the short-tail keywords to be targeting and it can be hard work. That’s why you should start looking for long-tail opportunities and there’s no better tool to do that.


Content Marketing

Search for terms around your business to identify the content that’s performing well. Don’t waste the time you’re spending producing content.


Lead Capture

The moment a user fills in a form on your site you’ll be tracking the pages they browse. A great help in closing those leads.

Ninja Outreach


As influencer marketing gathers real steam, tools such as Ninja Outreach are a real time-saver. It helps us identify bloggers and influencers and reach out to them with little time and effort.


GMail Extension

Get contact insights, schedule emails and get creepy by tracking the emails you send.

Recommended Reading

Here’s a list of our favourite books and recommended reads for digital marketing enthusiasts. If you’re looking for another recommendation for any one of Seth Godin’s books you won’t have to look too far.



Jay Baer talks about how smart marketers are looking to help not hype. After reading this book you will look to change the way that you market your business/product. Understanding that gesture and goodwill encourages new customers and builds loyalty.
Trust Me, I'm Lying

Trust Me, I'm Lying

Ryan Holiday discusses how to newsjack. He highlights a number of examples where he generated thousands of dollars worth of press coverage and exactly how he went about doing it. It’s an insightful look into today’s media landscape and how we can go about manipulating it to our advantage.


Whartun Professor Jonah Berger discusses the 6 science-backed principles that drive something to go viral. He includes a couple of examples that will stick with you like the $100 Cheese Steak and the Hot Dog shop that had a phone booth in the corner that led to a secret bar.  A really exciting read.


A guide for startups and marketers wanting to get traction with their product. A book discussing how to get customers highlighted by interviews from the founders of several of the biggest companies in the world like Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), and Alex Pachikov (Evernote).
Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

Google highlights an online decision-making moment, the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’. This ebook highlights how to win that moment including the influence of ratings and reviews. Think about the moments that you make a decision online every day – On your mobile choosing what restaurant, at your desktop figuring out what printer to buy, and more. These moments are all around us.
Zero to One

Zero to One

Peter Thiel co-founded PayPal and has since launched Palantir. Palantair? Recent valuation has it at $15 billion. Thiel discusses the future. He states ‘The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. ‘ So the advice is don’t aim to copy. In fact Thiel recommends you get into a space where there are NO competitors.
The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup

A number of corporations and products have been modelled around the Lean Startup as defined by Ries. Inspired by a Japanese theory, Ries explains the importance of getting your Minimum Viable Product to market, essentially developing it with the real audience.
The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

Gladwell highlights a number of case studies where he defines the moment that the product reached that tipping point. It’s often not what you thought and you will undoubtedly come away with some terrific ideas.