Viva Physiotherapy

SEO Case Study

Number of Top 10 Keywords up 367% in 2 years

Monthly web traffic valued at AUD$15,900*

SEMRush graph showing all-time keyword position for Viva, including rise in results from 2016 onward.


Viva Physiotherapy came to us with the primary goal of improving their search engine visibility.

Month after month they were spending precious time and money on paid advertising, for very little ROI. Google Adwords was not being managed to its full potential and there was plenty of room for improvement.



We kick-started our involvement with an online audit. The results showed that the website was clunky and work was needed in the key areas of mobile design, content and SEO – all of which was difficult to manage given their outdated website.

So, we worked closely with Viva to launch a new responsive website. The new site was more user-friendly, played better across mobile devices and included important improvements to the page structure, speed and functionality.

Next, we set about implementing a customised SEO & content strategy with keyword research, analytics and industry insights in mind. What has unfolded since is a testament to the value of SEO and content marketing.



Viva first engaged our agency in 2014. We have kicked many SEO goals together in the period since then. Here’s a highlight of the best bits…

Our initial approach was two-pronged; increase and nurture paid website leads while improving their organic SEO position. Our ultimate aim was to switch off paid advertising and put some cash back into their marketing budget.

Bye Bye Advertising Spend

By the end of August 2016 we had kicked some serious SEO butt, to the point where Viva no longer needed to pay for website clicks. All paid advertising was ceased and our focus shifted to continued organic growth.

Removing paid advertising from the marketing mix saved Viva in excess of AUD$6,000 over a 12 month period*

The best part? They now has the choice to blend organic search results with paid ads, to dominate the local space if that’s the goal.

Organic Stats & Wins

Over the last two years we have continued to manage on-page optimisation, SEO and content development for Viva.

During this period the number of top 10 keywords they rank for has increased by 367% and unique visits to their Book Online page are up 66.49%.

We target high-volume and relevant keywords. Test it for yourself by Googling ‘Physiotherapy Melbourne’ or ‘Physiotherapy Melbourne CBD’ and look to the organic results.

Plus, Viva’s organic website traffic is valued at $15,900* per month.

We didn’t guess that figure. The experienced folk at SEMRush assess the marketplace to determine the cost of replicating the same traffic in Google Adwords.

Viva’s increased search visibility has resulted in a 91.49% growth in organic traffic, year over year.


Year over Year

Featured Snippets? Yes Indeed.

Featured Snippets (‘position 0’ in SEO terms) contain the information that you see immediately after the ads in Google search results. They’re hard to acquire and highly sought after because they boost search engine visibility and website traffic.

We proudly continue to work with Viva. Our team manage their monthly EDM campaigns and wider digital marketing strategy.  We’re also working together to roll our some new and exciting changes in late 2018, so watch this space.

“When I signed up to OnQ I thought the monthly fee I paid was going to give me a caretaker for my SEO. In reality, what I have received is a professional and informed team who stay on top of trends, know my business intimately and are true marketing consultants. I would be very happy to chat to anyone who is considering using OnQ about my own experience.”
Owner - Viva Physiotherapy


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