Car Dealership Digital Marketing

Generating leads via search engine marketing and content.

There is a dominant online marketplace for the car buyer, whether they be looking for new or used vehicles.

But this should not be your only active online marketing tactic.

Google highlighted a case study where one car buyer had 900+ digital touchpoints with 139 of them being Google searches. Whilst, Cox Automotives ‘2018 Buyer Journey’ report highlighted that the buyer spent on average 14 hours 29 minutes online.

If we also consider that 1 in 3 buyers don’t know the exact vehicle they want, there’s a great opportunity for dealerships to be present and be valuable to the car buyer during the entire journey.

Our role is to help you develop a strategy and platform to identify each of the online touchpoints and how you can engage and nurture the car buyer.

Auto Dealer Marketing Services

It takes an holistic approach to drive more visitors to your website and into your dealership. Here’s some of what we consider to be a priority.


In one study, a car-buyer’s journey consisted of 139 Google searches. The research conducted on Google can include the early ‘What car should I buy?’ right through to ‘Where should I buy it?’. You want to be visible during these moments.

Online Advertising

As noted, the search engine is a crucial platform to ensure you are visible. Search advertising (AdWords) is one way to ensure this. But aside from search ads, there are other advertising platforms and products available including social media, retargeting, content recommendation engines, sponsored posts, and more.

Content Marketing

The car-buyers journey has been cited by Google as having more than 900+ digital touchpoints and as referenced by CarSales as being now 2.7 months long. There is a lot of opportunities to be the source of valuable content. Opportunities where you can establish goodwill and nurture a lead.

Marketing Automation

With a car-buyer’s journey averaging 2.7 months there’s many more potential leads in your funnel than you may be aware of. In using an automated system you can ask for emails early in their journey (research) and help to nurture them ensuring you have the best chance of them buying from your dealership.

How We Work

Far from sounding like a corporate mission statement, there are a few simple values we hold near and dear to our hearts; values we believe in above all else.

STEP ONE: Information Gathering
Phone call or face to face

STEP TWO: Understanding Target Audience & Identifying Opportunities
Who they are, where they spend time

STEP THREE: Developing Activity Plan/Proposal
Generally 3 months. No BS. Based on most efficient.

STEP FOUR: Start Work
Upon approval
Communication will be via email unless necessary to chat.
We’ll answer any communication within 24 hours.

The Fine Print

1. Our minimum monthly commitment is $1100+gst and this includes 10 hours per month. For ongoing clients this includes a $20-$40 per hour discount on our project work.

2. We don’t ask you to commit to long-term contracts.
We do however ask that you commit to a minimum 3 month period to allow us time to demonstrate the results of our work.

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Would you be working with my competitors?

No. We don’t enter into a partnership where our clients are in direct competition.

How much does a new website cost?

Our websites start at $4,500+gst. How we price the cost of your website will depend on your search functionality, your inventory and other custom functionality.

How soon can we expect to see more leads being generated online?

This is not an easy answer unfortunately. It will depend on the state of your online presence before we begin, the level of commitment, and of course your competitive landscape.

Would we be provided with any reporting?

Yes. We will provide a monthly analytics report tailored to your business and the objectives we’ve set.

Do we only have access to the services listed above?

No, you have access to each service we provide. We can also help you with website management, email newsletters, online PR/reputation management, and even any graphic design requirements you may have.

What happens if we have more work for you (or less work for you) in any given month?

If you need more support than the pre-arranged monthly commitment, then we will roll these extra hours over to the next month. Should we surpass the time commitment for a second month in a row, then we will charge for the extra time. If we don’t spend the pre-arranged monthly hours, then we too will roll these hours over to the next month.

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