15 Websites for Small Business Advice in Australia

Last updated Aug 20, 2018

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One of the most significant advantages to come from the advent of the internet is the ability small business owners now have in researching small business advice for any subject under the sun.

If you treat the information that is out there with an educated caution, you will find the answer to what you are looking for, especially if you are looking for advice for small business entrepreneurs on what to do at various stages of their development.

Here are 15 websites you will find hard to beat as you seek information on a variety of issues on how best to handle a plethora of situations in your new small business:

Smart Company

Business advice Australia
This is a site that keeps you up to date on the latest in business news, both local and from around the world, as well as keeping you up to speed on business trends. You are able to access expert advice on social media marketing, legal advice, in fact almost anything any small business owner would want to know.



Business Community
– A fast growing small business website that has nearly 40,000 members. This site has a very active forum that covers a large range of business interests.



Business advice Australia
– An easy and convenient way to access all types of government information. Especially the documentation and services that are available to small business operators. A great resource of small business advice for those planning, starting or growing their businesses.


Dynamic Business

Business advice Australia
A business news site that offers forums, franchising news, cash flow advice and anything else a small business might want to know about.



Business advice Australia
For anybody starting a small business this site can point you in the right direction and kept you posted on the latest business news items.


The SavvySME website covers a range of topics from business planning through to marketing. I’d recommend you also check out the Q&A section that gives small business owners the opportunity to post questions and have relevant experts answer.


Small Business Australia

Small Business Australia
An Australian government web site that takes you to all the relevant government sites that you may need to help your business grow and prosper.


Small Business(HQ)

small business advice
A site primarily concerned with giving small business advice on how to go about selling.


PR Warrior

PR tips for small business
The PR Warrior was named by SmartCompany in their top 25 business blogs. The man behind the blog is Trevor Young and by his own admission he writes about leadership in communications, with a skew towards social media and content marketing.


Digital Ready

Hub for digital learning
Digital Ready is a free hub of information and learning tools on digital technology for small business.


Inside Small Business

Australian small business advice
A print and online magazine dedicated to small business stories and issues throughout Australia.


The Bank Doctor

Small business financial advice
The site offers free banking and finance advice to help small business owners get the best business banking set-up.


MYOB – The Pulse

Business advice
News, views and business ideas from the leading accounting software provider.


Business Insider Australia

Business news, trends and insights
A news site, giving you the latest on tech, money & markets, and more.


Digital Business

Online business
This is a government site providing practical advice about the internet and what it means for your organisation. It’s got advice about how to build your website through to tips on e-commerce.

There are many choices when it comes to getting advice on how best to operate your small business. From registration and the start-up stage, obtaining finance, how to manage cash flow, legal advice, taxation alerts, employment, government requirements etc. right through to how to go about selling what you have created. It can be quite a minefield for the unwary but whatever your query you will find an answer among the above websites available online at any time you happen to be working on your business.

Whatever stage your own small business is in, the proper professional advice is always there. Many a small business operator has had to stand by and see his or her enterprise fall around them due to bad decisions. Experience in small business can help you avoid making such a mistake, and it is that sort of experience you can tap into with some of these websites. If in any doubt always seek advice from another.

You don’t always have to heed the advice given, but at least you will know what the dangers could be if you took specific action. The future of small business in Australia is sound as long as you are aware of the pitfalls, and the above websites can help make the journey more relaxed and more enjoyable.

Quentin Aisbett

Quentin Aisbett

Quentin Aisbett is the strategist at OnQ Marketing. He has a specific focus on local and mobile SEO, content strategy, and marketing automation. Blogging all the time, tweeting even more so. Pick his brain on Clarity.fm.

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