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We’re no longer accepting posts from guest bloggers without a Google+ profile. Bold move or stupid move?

Of course we love hearing from bloggers looking to guest post for us. For the most part it is incredibly humbling but for the rest of the time…Well you know they’re not doing it to build their brand and connect with people.

So the thought came to me the other day whilst I was taking to Google’s defence (like they need my help) as to why they are integrating Google+. There’s lovers and haters out there and I don’t necessarily want to promote myself as either when it comes to Google but I do understand the basic premise behind much of it.

Back to the point, the specific thing that struck me to take this action was Google’s ‘Direct Connect’ facility for want of a better word. The ability for the bloggers and general content producers out there to be able to establish their authority and prove that ‘this piece of content is connected to my profile and it is mine’. I’ve done it and it’s a great move to separate my posts in search results, albeit a little weird seeing your own ugly mug next to your post but no doubt an advantage. [Promotional Plug] Please add me to your Google+ Circles.[/Promotional Plug]

So why make this move with our blog? Here’s a few points that we felt justified the position.

1. If the guest blogger is not willing to put their Google+ profile along with their name to their post then why should we publish it under our brand.

2. If we promote the Google+ profile of guest bloggers then we’re encouraging ongoing conversations around the individual topic.

3. It will help us establish trust in the site with more and more of our posts being linked to Google+ profiles, telling Google we are consistently publishing original content.

4. If our guest posts are connected to Google+ profiles then the author’s photo will show up in the SERP’s, which we now know increases click-through-rates and will drive more traffic to our site!

It might be a bold move but one that we’re willing to take to attract guest bloggers that are in it for the right reasons. Basically we’re looking for bloggers that seek others to engage with them online whether that be in the comments or following them up on Google+ or Twitter, not bloggers that are simply in it to create a link.

If you’re interested in writing a guest post then feel free to check out our Guest Post Guidelines before sending through any suggested titles or posts.


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