Online advertising is targeted and flexible and we have a raft of metrics to measure its success. However, recent studies highlight that SMEs waste up to 25% of their PPC spend through simple managerial and strategic errors.

This is why you should have your online advertising budget managed to ensure you are getting a return on investment that warrants the spend.

We manage the entire process including strategy, media planning, design, A/B testing, bid management and reporting.

Check out the key online advertising platforms available for your next campaign.
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Optimising Adwords

Google Adwords Campaigns that Perform

Getting set-up with Google Adwords is easy. It’s even easier to keep tipping money into campaigns that are not driving the results your money deserves.

We can set-up your campaign and manage it on an ongoing basis to ensure your Adwords campaigns are achieving a return on investment.

What you can expect from us:
(i) Regular campaign monitoring
(ii) Monthly reporting featuring real business objectives
(iii) Live online dashboard giving you real-time access to key metrics
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There’s More to Facebook Advertising

Running Facebook advertising is also very easy. But if you want to get the best returns from your advertising then you need to split-test.

Depending on your objectives we will create multiple versions of your ads including alternate images, headlines and body copy to identify which performs the best. We will split-test your ads to different locations, audience interests and gender if it’s appropriate to again see where we can find the most effective ads.

Don’t just chuck an ad together and hope it performs well. Get your campaign created and managed with the intention of maximising your returns.
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Split testing Facebook ads

Did you know Facebook’s Custom Audiences allows you to advertise to your email database, audience lookalikes, or visitors of your website?



Other Online Advertising Opportunities:

Display Advertising including Retargeting/Remarketing

Often referred to as banner ads, display advertising helps to give your business broad exposure whilst also being able to narrow your targeting to topics, demographics, keywords, or nominating network sites you would like to advertise on (at least within Adwords).

We can also use your banner ads to target Remarketing (Google uses this term) lists, which are made up of people who have visited your website. Retargeting as it is more commonly known, can be used on a variety of networks outside of Google. Create your audience depending on their behaviour browsing your website and then retarget them for up to 90 days with your banner advertisements. You can even advertise to this audience when they’re browsing Facebook.

Twitter Advertising

Social media advertising is booming and whilst Facebook is the key driver of such, there are other opportunities emerging and Twitter is one of them.

Affiliate Advertising

Still an emerging advertising tactic for Australian business. Produce a suite of banner products to provide webmasters flexibility, decide on a remuneration setup and await websites to take you up on your opportunity.

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