Do One-Page Website Designs Hurt SEO?

Web design trendsWe take a look at how a one-page designs might affect a site’s SEO and a list of questions that need answering before deciding on a one-page design.

Over the last few years, one-page sites have been popping up all over the web. Traditionally, websites are made up of multiple pages, each of which focuses on a particular topic.

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What is a responsive logo and how they might transform your brand

Responsive logo design

Click to see it in action…

Someone once said, “The definition of a great idea is one you wish you’d thought of first”.

When I first read about responsive logos, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of them already; they are the obvious next step after responsive websites, and will no doubt raise the bar when it comes to branding and logo design.

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How To Improve Your eCommerce Website in 14 Easy Steps

tips online retailWith so much competition at your customer’s fingertips, it’s important first and foremost that your eCommerce website provides a positive user experience.

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How to Avoid Social Media ‘Experts’ and Other Self-Proclaimed Social Gurus

Social media guruMany SMEs have been stung in the past by SEO ‘professionals’’ promising hundreds of links to their website and a #1 Google ranking for a few hundred bucks.

Google’s reputation is built on its ability to provide users what they are looking for quickly and easily, and anyone paying for dodgy links is swiftly penalised. It didn’t take long for SEO ‘professionals’ to be viewed with skepticism.

So where did they go? I have a theory.

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Supercharge Your Website To Generate More Leads

Lead generation toolNo matter the size of your business, you need to leverage the power of your website to generate leads and convert them to sales.

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How You Can Improve Your Website With Conversion Testing

Conversion optimisation‘If you build it, they will come’, so the saying goes. But with more and more business being conducted online, you need to think about what visitors do on your site once they arrive.

Are they doing what you want them to do?

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How Travel Agencies Can Use SEO To Drive More Business

Travel agency marketing ideasDo you have a reputable travel agency but are failing to turn up in Google searches?

This is a common problem amongst small business owners, but one that can be easily fixed.

If you take the time to follow Google’s guidelines to help them understand a bit more about your business, you’ll have an online presence in no time.

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6 Easy To Implement Secrets To Improving Your Website

AB TestingGot a business website?

Is it an effective sales or marketing tool, or is it just something pretty to look at when you turn your computer on?

Websites are an essential part of doing business, so it’s important to understand how they can work for you.

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5 Clever Digital Marketing Campaigns by Big Brand Retailers

Retail marketing ideasIn a very short time, we have come to rely on our mobile devices for most of our daily activities; communication, news, entertainment, banking, shopping.

We literally have the world at our fingertips.

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Google+ B2B Guide : Why it’s important and how to get started [infographic]

Have you created your Google+ profile or brand page?

If you have you may be like so many small businesses wondering what it is your doing? And where the hell is everyone else..

But hold stead, there are already some significant advantages in establishing a presence and building an audience on Google+.

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