What is Content Marketing? (And what it’s not)

Depending on where you’re coming from, content marketing is either one of the oldest forms of marketing or one of the newest; it’s revered by some and shamed by others. And trying to identify a clear definition for it can be a nightmare.

With all that buzz surrounding content marketing, how can you be sure what it is, what it isn’t, and why it’s important for your business?

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7 Reasons You’re Missing Easy Money by Ignoring Email Marketing

There’s no denying it: email marketing increases customer loyalty and profitability.

Yet somehow, email marketing doesn’t have as many blogs dedicated to it as social media or SEO do. If you think about it, you really never see anyone promoting themselves as an “email marketing guru.”

Although email generally stays out of the limelight, it remains the lifeblood of the internet. Think of it as your online passport. You use your email to sign up to websites like Facebook and Instagram, Netflix and countless others.

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7 Email Newsletters To Step Up Your Digital Marketing Game

We’re all looking for content to educate ourselves and keep us updated with the latest news and advice.

The right advice helps us further our careers.

The right content shared helps build authority and personal brand.

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How Social Media Can Influence Your Next Event [infographic]

Life must be stressful for event managers. So much to deal with and no second chances. So is the growing influence of social media at events an opportunity or a burden?

With the right understanding and strategy of course, social media can be a terrific opportunity to generate pre-event exposure, sales, and generally improve engagement on the day.

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PPC Expert Talks ‘Complementary Marketing’

Complementary MarketingTraditional marketing methods have in recent years shown to not be the most effective form of advertising when they stand alone.

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SEO Auditing Your Local Council Website: Whittlesea, Wyndham and Casey

How important is Search Engine Optimisation to local government?

Traditionally, SEO is considered an effective way for businesses to drive online traffic. As local councils do not have to compete for the services they provide, SEO is rarely a priority when updating their websites. But would implementing basic SEO improve their sites and therefore make them easier to use?

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What You Really Ought To Know About Google’s Mobile Update

Guy using smartphone to browseUPDATE: Wondering how the results are tracking? We’ve analysed a sample of sites to see how they’re performing after the first few weeks. Read it all at the bottom of this post.

As Google strives to provide users with the fastest, most relevant search result possible, the way in which it ranks each site continues to evolve.

In 2010 it introduced speed as a ranking factor. In 2011 Google’s Penguin update was created to penalise poor quality sites, and in 2012 they started penalising spam sites with the introduction of Panda.

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Are Australia’s Auto Dealers Slow To Take Up Digital?

Car dealer marketing ideasA lot sure has changed since I first wrote about car dealers and digital back in 2011.

Back then I wrote about Ford and other manufacturers leading the way but unfortunately leaving their dealerships behind when it came to moving budgets toward digital advertising.

At the time the local car dealer still owned the local traditional media space but that was the extent of their advertising – Newspaper and radio.

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Australian Marketers Suffering From A Crisis of Confidence With Content

How can it be that Australian marketing professionals consider their content marketing efforts less effective than last year?

Could they be suffering from a crisis of confidence?

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How Digital Impacts The Local Retailer? [STUDY BY GOOGLE]

Retail MarketingMany local retailers think that the rise of digital has lead to a downturn in business, suggesting that they can’t compete with the online shopping experience.

But according to a recent study commissioned by Google, digital can in fact enhance your business, if used properly.

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