Conversion Optimisation and Boosting Your Website’s Performance


Conversion optimisation‘If you build it, they will come’, so the saying goes. But with more and more business being conducted online, you need to think about what visitors do on your site once they arrive.

Are they doing what you want them to do?

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Six SEO tips for travel agencies wanting to drive more search traffic


Travel agency marketing ideasDo you have a reputable travel agency but are failing to turn up in Google searches?

This is a common problem amongst small business owners, but one that can be easily fixed.

If you take the time to follow Google’s guidelines to help them understand a bit more about your business, you’ll have an online presence in no time.

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7 Hacks To Optimise Your Website


AB TestingGot a business website?

Is it an effective sales or marketing tool, or is it just something pretty to look at when you turn your computer on?

Websites are an essential part of doing business, so it’s important to understand how they can work for you.

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5 Clever Digital Marketing Campaigns by Big Brand Retailers


Retail marketing ideasIn a very short time, we have come to rely on our mobile devices for most of our daily activities; communication, news, entertainment, banking, shopping.

We literally have the world at our fingertips.

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Google+ B2B Guide : Why it’s important and how to get started [infographic]


Google+ tipsHave you created your Google+ profile or brand page?

If you have you may be like so many small businesses wondering what it is your doing? And where the hell is everyone else..

But hold stead, there are already some significant advantages in establishing a presence and building an audience on Google+.

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How to Improve Open and Click-Through Rates on your Email Campaigns


Improving email open ratesYou’ve been sending out an email newsletter for quite some time, it’s jam packed with products and services or information you think your recipients will love. But your newsletter subscribers are not visiting your website…why is that?

It could be that people aren’t clicking the links to your site, or maybe they’re just not opening your emails. Both problems can be fixed, once you work out why your subscribers are not falling over themselves to read your newsletter and clicking accordingly.

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Responsive web design: All the reasons why you should and one reason why you shouldn’t


Mobile optimised websitesIn 2013 it is estimated that 255 babies were born every minute across the globe. Pretty amazing right?

Well this pales in comparison when we consider that more than 1,900 smartphones were shipped every minute in 2013. That’s smartphones, a device that allows the user to browse the web.

It goes without saying then that mobile should be a significant consideration for your business in the near future.

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Supercharge Your Facebook Advertising with Custom Audiences


Facebook advertisingLate last year, Facebook’s Custom Audiences targeting became available to all Facebook advertisers.

Some of you may have heard about it but may not be aware of its full potential. This is an amazing targeting tool you should start using today.

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11 Tips to Keep Your SEO Company Honest : Small Business Hack


Dodgy SEOIn the early days it was cheap offers of 500 links and recently it was promises to get you to number one in Google.

Dodgy or irresponsible SEO companies have played on the fact that many small business owners don’t understand the landscape.

Now, there are some SEO companies out there taking monthly fees from small businesses, providing shady reporting that keeps the business owner believing the investment is sound. Is that their fault or yours?

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3 Common Web Mistakes Made by Small Businesses


Bad business stock image

Cheesy stock images make it hard to establish trust!

You’re the owner of a small business and you’ve decided you need a website.

Maybe you’re just starting out, so you can’t afford to pay a professional to build one for you. You’re going to give it a crack yourself, or outsource it to someone in the office.

But before you begin, have a look at the websites of other small businesses. There are so many bad websites out there, and they are usually a combination of three things.

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